Transboundary diagnostic analysis (TDA)

Image-7Building on the preliminary TDA, work continues to fill knowledge gaps relevant to priority transboundary environmental problems and the integrated management of the basin’s water resources. The four most-pressing transboundary problems in the Orange–Senqu River basin have been prioritised as:

1) increasing water demand
2) declining water quality
3) land degradation and
4) changes to hydrological regime.

Through a participatory process, analysis of these transboundary problems with respect to their ecological and socio-economic impacts and immediate and underlying causes has helped identify potential points of intervention. These causal chain analyses (CCAs) and intervention points provide the springboard for national and basin-wide strategic planning.

A final TDA publication has been published. It provides a description of the basin and brings new information to the table, encompassing recent research and analyses on water balance, sediment loads, water quality, climate change and irrigated agriculture. Information is be more accessible through improved CCAs for easier interpretation and use, informative boxes on relevant issues and high-quality illustrations in the form of infographics, maps and photos.

Designed for managers, decision-makers and the serious student, the TDA will also be distilled into publications designed for the general reader and school children.

Technical Reports