Recommendations for transboundary environmental assessment


Working  closely with a respective working group and ORASECOM’s Legal Task Team, a document providing detailed guidance on requirements  regarding environmental assessments (EA) for activities that may have significant transboundary impacts has been drafted.

The document details procedural and documentary requirements for both environmental impact and strategic environmental assessments (EIAs and SEAs). It also includes detailed procedures for communication and collaboration between the basin states, a set of templates covering various components of the communication and notification process, and evaluation tools for EA reports.

It is expected that the recommendations will be applied to larger projects in the basin, as well as policies, plans and programmes, likely to have significant transboundary implications. It is hoped that the use of these recommendations will improve the way that EA tools are used and administered, strengthen their influence in decision-making processes and facilitate better cooperation and information-sharing during post-implementation compliance and monitoring the effectiveness of mitigation measures.

The first of its kind in the region, this document  will hopefully be beneficial in setting standards for undertaking EAs within transboundary river basins.  The report is due to published in  the final quarter of 2013.

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