National action plans and basin-wide strategic action programme

Image-4A basin-wide strategic action programme (SAP) and four national action plans (NAPs) are being developed through a participatory and consultative process with relevant stakeholders.

These strategic planning documents will outline agreed management responses to the priority transboundary water-related environmental problems identified in the transboundary diagnostic analysis (TDA). The NAPs will comprise of national component of basin-wide activities and specific national activities. They provide the vehicle to integrate basin-wide actions outlined in the SAP into national planning processes and budgets.

Key elements of these planning documents will be:

  • A description of environmental status and priority concerns
  • Rationale and objectives, including shorter-term (operational) targets and
    longer-term (strategic) targets
  • A coherent pipeline of projects
  • Implementation arrangements, institutions, time lines, resources and resource mobilisation, monitoring parameters.


Supporting Technical Reports